Healthy Chicken Marinades

Honey mustard chicken Sizzler

In spring and summer, chicken steaks are one of the best meals. To make a wholesome and healthy meal, all you need to do is marinade them, sear or bake and serve it with some carbs like mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles and some vitamin-rich vegetables.The ingredients in the marinade cause the chicken tissue to breakdown and thereby allowing more moisture to be absorbed resulting into a juicier steak.

To marinade the chicken steaks uniformly, put a cleaned chicken breasts inside a sealable plastic bag (Zip lock bag works best) and use a mallet or a rolling pin to pound the chicken till it is about 1/4th inch thick uniformly. Remove the chicken from the bag, marinade it in the ingredients you desire and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes or in the fridge for about an hour before you make the steak. For making the stake you could use an oven, a kitchen or the top charcoal grills of 2017 so you get it more juicy and with less fat.
Healthy Chicken MarinadesHere is a quick reference chart for making healthy chicken marinades by using just three ingredients from your pantry. After if there’s some leftovers you can just freeze them and when you need it you can have a Microwave cart with storage, and just put it in the microwave and enjoy.

3 ingredient chicken marinades

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Some recipes that use marinated chicken

You can make various types of sauces to go with the chicken steaks and a lot of them can be made using the marinade ingredients themselves as you will see in these recipes

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