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Have a Low Carb Taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco!

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Mexican food is my favorite…well I mean, I love pretty much all food, but if I absolutely had to pick a type of food I couldn’t live without Mexican/Tex-Mex food would be it. My favorite recipes almost always involve a can of RO*TEL, whether it is a spicy chicken taco braid or my King Ranch Chicken casserole.

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Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Since I started eating low carb a couple of years ago I have had to find some creative ways to keep cooking with the flavors I love without using tortillas, chips, or taco shells. Taco salad or these Tex-Mex zucchini boats were my go to in the beginning, but  I really missed picking up a taco and biting into it. Then I discovered taco shells made from cheddar cheese and life got even better.

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Yep, you read that right, I’m going to share my simple hack for turning shredded cheddar cheese into cheesy taco shells. All you need to do it line a baking sheet with parchment paper, or a silicone mat if you have one, and then drop little piles of shredded cheddar cheese on to the sheet. For taco shells I suggest using about 3oz of cheese per shell.

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake at 350F for 5-7 minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the edges begin to brown.

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Then comes the fun part. To shape the tacos you are going to set up a little station. Use two glasses and sit a thick handled spoon (or whatever utensil you have) across the glasses. You’ll want the handle to be thick enough that it will leave a space of about 3/4″ in the curve of your taco. It doesn’t have to be precise! Let the cheese cool for a minute then lift it off of the baking sheet and drape it over the spoon handle. Let it cool completely, this only takes about 5 minutes, and you have a low carb taco shell!

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Now you just need something to fill that shell with. Of course you’re going to want some meat. Ground beef is great but to make an even better taco I like to use a mixture of ground beef, and ground chorizo. You’ll also want some veggies. I change mine up all the time based on what my Walmart has in their fresh vegetables section but my favorites, if I can them are avocado, lettuce, and lime. A little jalapeno never hurts either!

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

I cook the ground beef and chorizo in a skillet until the meat is cooked through, then  I pour the grease off and add a can of drained RO*TEL. RO*TEL makes this recipe so simple because I don’t have to worry about adding a ton of other spices. I just cook the meat and RO*TEL mixture, adding a little salt to taste, until all the flavors have melded together. When the meat is ready I fill cheddar cheese taco shells with it, then top them with diced avocados, jalapeno, sour cream, and shredded lettuce. I give them a little squeeze of lime to brighten everything up and I’m done. Of course you can add anything else you like on your tacos. Then grab it and take a bite. You may never go back to regular tacos again!

Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.

Low Carb TacoHave a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco! Stuff your low carb taco with ground chorizo and ground beef cooked in Rotel and topped with diced avocado and sour cream.
Prep Time
30 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
1 hrs
Have a low carb taco night with these cheese taco shells made from baked cheddar cheese formed into the shape of a taco!
Cuisine: Main Dish
Servings: 8
Calories: 281 kcal
Author: Kat Jeter & Melinda Caldwell
    • 1/2 lb Ground beef
    • 1/2 lb Ground chorizo
    • 1/2 packet Taco seasoning
    • 10 oz RO*TEL
    • 1/4 tsp Salt
    • 2 c Cheddar cheese , shredded
    • Toppings for taco: Sour cream , avocado, cheese, lettuce, etc.

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  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone mat place 2-3oz piles of cheese 2 inches apart. Press the cheese down lightly so it makes one layer.
  3. Place baking sheet in the oven and bake for 5-7 minutes or until the edges of the cheese are brown.
  4. Let the cheese cool for 2-3 minutes then lift it up and place it over the handle of a spoon or other utensil that is balanced on two cups.
  5. Let cheese cool completely then remove.
  6. While you continue to bake your cheese taco shells place the ground beef and ground chorizo in a skillet over medium high heat cooking until it is completely cooked through.
  7. Drain the grease from the meat and then add the can of RO*TEL and half of a packet of taco seasoning.
  8. Simmer for 5 minutes then salt to taste.
  9. Add meat to taco shells and top with your favorite taco toppings.

    These low carb taco cups are an easy low carb recipe that can be a low carb appetizer for Christmas or New Year’s or just a quick healthy lunch for those on a low carb diet. The cheesy shells are perfect for all of that taco goodness inside. These will disappear quick!These zucchini boats are a quick and easy dinner recipe. Zucchini stuffed with ground beef and covered with cheddar cheese and homemade 10 minute salsa. Great summer recipe!

Healthy Chicken Marinades

Honey mustard chicken Sizzler

In spring and summer, chicken steaks are one of the best meals. To make a wholesome and healthy meal, all you need to do is marinade them, sear or bake and serve it with some carbs like mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles and some vitamin-rich vegetables.The ingredients in the marinade cause the chicken tissue to breakdown and thereby allowing more moisture to be absorbed resulting into a juicier steak.

To marinade the chicken steaks uniformly, put a cleaned chicken breasts inside a sealable plastic bag (Zip lock bag works best) and use a mallet or a rolling pin to pound the chicken till it is about 1/4th inch thick uniformly. Remove the chicken from the bag, marinade it in the ingredients you desire and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes or in the fridge for about an hour before you make the steak. For making the stake you could use an oven, a kitchen or the top charcoal grills of 2017 so you get it more juicy and with less fat.
Healthy Chicken MarinadesHere is a quick reference chart for making healthy chicken marinades by using just three ingredients from your pantry. After if there’s some leftovers you can just freeze them and when you need it you can have a Microwave cart with storage, and just put it in the microwave and enjoy.

3 ingredient chicken marinades

This is just an excerpt. Read the full article here.

Some recipes that use marinated chicken

You can make various types of sauces to go with the chicken steaks and a lot of them can be made using the marinade ingredients themselves as you will see in these recipes

Low Carb Diet : Healthy Carbohydrates for Weight Loss

We can eat carbohydrates and still manage to lose weight. Hence if we stick to having healthy carbohydrate, it can lead to weight loss. Carbohydrates have been misconceived to thinking that they can make us fat. But is it really true? Well not probably. The catch is having the right Carbohydrates. Consuming nutrient dense carbohydrates with 2 to 3 grams fibre per 100 calories as our body breaks down the fibre very slowly and helps us to feel full for longer period of time are considered the best carbohydrates for weight loss. Hence let us come to know what could be the low carb diet for weight loss.

7 Low Carb Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

Indulge in certain low carb diet which are essential for weight lossdue to the presence of resistant starch and fibre.

Some of the carbohydrates for weight loss are as follows.

1. Barley

Considering Barley to be an outstanding source of soluble and insoluble fibre, this cereal grain has been healthful addition in our menu plan. The insoluble fibre present combine with water and expands in the stomach making one feel full for longer period of time. Barley water or barley soup can be incorporated in the healthy diet plan of 1200 calories.
To gain full benefit of Barley as a healthy carbohydrate for weight loss, it is very easy and inexpensive to prepare barley water. Boil 1.5 kg barley pearls in doubled volume of water until the pearls become soft. Strain the extract and allow the extract to cool. You can add lemon juice or vanilla extract into the barley water to improve the flavour. Refrigerate the water so that it stays good for long period of time.


2. Whole Wheat Pasta

White pasta is considered a no-no for weight loss but pasta made of whole grain consists of complex carbohydrates, insoluble fiber and other nutrients. Apart from being a carbohydrate for weight loss, whole wheat pasta contribute towards healthy digestion, balancing the good and bad cholesterol levels and lower the risk of developing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.
Certain steps that we need to consider while incorporating whole wheat pasta are-

  • Take half of whole wheat pasta and half of refined pasta. This will help us to reduce the calorie intake by half.
  • Add loads of vegetable like spinach, zucchini, broccoli, squash and carrots into the sauce while preparing pasta thus making it nutritious and satisfying.
  • Add tofu, shrimp, scallops or legumes into the pasta preparation as a source of protein as it allows you to consume few calories.
  • Opt for tomato based sauces rather high caloric cream based or butter based sauces. Dress the pastas in olive oil or any unsaturated fats rather than butter or cheese.

3. Quinoa

Considered as a whole grain and a valuable source of vegetable protein and fibre. Cooked quinoa makes a nutritious and gluten free addition to our diet. The protein and fibre content of quinoa helps in keeping you satiated. Quinoa, being a gluten free food, is beneficial for people suffering from celiac diseases or from gluten intolerance. It has a nutty flavor and can gel up with other flavors like lime juice or olive oil.

Rinse quinoa thoroughly in water to remove the saponins. It gets cooked easily, within 10 to 15 minutes. Cooked quinoa can be consumed hot or cold, as a side dish with fish or chicken or in addition with salads, veggies and fruits. Quinoa is also used as a protein rich alternative to rice or you can prepare porridge of quinoa for the breakfast or quinoa flour can be added to gluten free baked goods.

However, one cup of cooked quinoa provides 222 nutrient dense calories. The impact of quinoa on weight gain depends on whether you stay within or exceed the caloric limit provided for the day. If you want to have a bowl of quinoa as a snack in the evening and you have already consumed maximum amount of calories for the day then you are just adding 222 calories to your daily caloric value which can lead to weight gain. Hence the best way of adding this weight loss carbohydrate is to mix quinoa with veggies which will form one complete meal.

Looking for knowing how to lose weight fast? You will love to read Quick and Super Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

4. Beans

Beans may not be the first picture when we consider for healthy carbohydrates for weight loss but it may always be an extra addition in this process. Beans are loaded with protein, fibre and resistant starch. They are so full of anthocyanin and antioxidants, low in calories and free of saturated fats. The fresh stock of black beans is preferable than canned ones. Combination of black beans with tomato salsa is always preferable and nutritious.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is low in calories and it contains fibre that satisfies hunger and protein that keeps you satisfied for longer period of time. One cup of cooked oatmeal contains 28 grams of carbohydrates and also contains magnesium, selenium and B vitamins. The type of topping used to prepare oatmeal would determine our choices.

For preparing a savory kind of oatmeal, prefer steel cut oats because of its chewy nature with veggies like leafy and onion greens, mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes. After adding these veggies you can add certain flavors like lemon juice, vinegar or balsamic vinegar with seasonings like garlic or basil.

For sweet oatmeal, use toppings of yoghurt and fresh fruits. Even few slivers of dried fruits can be added but avoid sweetener. You can enhance the fibre content by adding a table spoon of freshly ground flaxseeds, which is a source of heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acid.

6. Popcorn

Buy a hot air popcorn popper and popcorn kernels. Pop fresh, hot popcorn right away. Drizzle the popcorns with rosemary and olive oil, chilli powder. The options are endless. Popcorn is an inexpensive light snack and offers many health benefits.

A cup of air popped popcorn contains just 31 calories, have low glycemic index and considered as a serving of whole grains. Hence snacking with popcorn is anytime better than munching on a bag of potato wafers or cheese balls. If we consider snacking options, Air popped popcorn is always preferable as best and low carb diet for weight loss. However, adding butter or molten cheese on hot popcorns can dampen the idea of losing weight.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Consuming sweet potatoes have been a better idea as it contains 112 calories per potato, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6, iron, zinc and magnesium. Each cup of sweet potato consists of 28 gms of complex carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index and contain a compound that increases the level of adiponectin, the blood sugar-regulating hormone in the body.

Preferably boil or steam sweet potatoes rather than roasting them in order to maintain the low glycemic index properties of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes can be used as low carb diet, so it can be added to stew, casseroles or soup to thicken it without adding fatty cream. However that doesn’t give a license to gorge on sweet potato French fries as and whenever you like. Baked form of sweet potatoes with its skin is always a welcome for dieters.

Hence Carbohydrates are healthy and the best if it is consumed in the whole and unprocessed form rather than the refined form. These Carbohydrates are also the best diet for weight loss if the method of preparation is healthy and we make right choices of the other ingredients that need to be added to the low carb diet.

5 truths about gluten everyone should know


Wheat and bread

Gluten is the glue-like substance that gives wheat, rye, oat and barley products their chewy structure. (Photo: An N/Shutterstock)

Gluten is a hot topic. You’ll hear it dropped in reference to celiac disease, grain-free diets, sensitivity, weight loss, overall gut health and more. But though it feels like gluten is, like many celebrities, a tad overexposed, it’s actually a relative newcomer to medical research.

Gluten is the glue-like substance that gives wheat, rye, oat and barley products their chewy structure. People who have gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance tend to feel sick after they eat foods that contain gluten.

But as James Hamblin, MD, writes for The Atlantic, studies about what gluten does or does not do to the body have increased over the last decade. Hamblin was in medical school as recently as 2007, and he remembers only one lecture on the topic:

After the lecturer mentioned “gluten,” a classmate raised a hand and asked him to repeat himself. People who eat what?

When someone with celiac disease eats gluten, it causes an immune reaction that destroys the lining of the small intestine. But as long as people with celiac disease avoid gluten, they’re fine. Got it. And like most medical doctors, that’s what I remember learning about gluten.

The push to take a closer look at gluten didn’t come from doctors who were worried that it may harm our health (although, as Hamblin points out, some extremists believe that). After all, humans have been eating grains for centuries. Instead, doctors began studying gluten with greater intensity because their patients were interested in the topic and often were misinformed.

“I believe we need to research and study rigorously the things that patients are interested in,” Benjamin Lebwohl, a gastroenterologist with the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, told The Atlantic. “This is, in my view, a necessary part of science’s mission — to go to where the public is interested and provide sound analysis. If the public is barking up the wrong tree, we shouldn’t ignore that.”

The proof is in the (gluten-free) pudding

Following a gluten-free diet means saying no to toast.Skipping gluten if you do not have a gluten sensitivity may be worse for your overall health, not better. (Photo: Lolostock/Shutterstock)

Lebwohl said he has found that there’s an important difference between telling patients “there’s no proof that gluten has health effects in the general population and saying that there is proof that gluten has no health effects in the general population.” The latter statement is the one that holds more sway. Proof is key.

So as researchers aim to separate gluten fact from fiction, here’s some of what science has proven so far:

1. Gluten does not hurt your heart. For people who do not have celiac disease, eating gluten does not increase heart disease risk, according to a new study published in The BMJ. In fact, the study found the opposite is true: Adopting a gluten-free diet (again, if you do not have celiac disease) may increase heart disease risk since it means fewer whole grains are being consumed.

For the study, researchers examined data from more than 173,000 health care workers who were followed for 10 to 20 years. They were separated into five groups based on how much gluten they ate. People who ate the least consumed about 3 grams per day, while people who ate the most ate between 8 to 10 grams a day. Researchers found that in terms of heart disease risk, there was no difference between the groups.

“We think this is very important, because this boom in gluten-free diets and all these claims that it’s beneficial to an individual’s health to be on a gluten-free diet are not based on science,” Dr. Peter Green, a co-author of the study and director of Columbia’s Celiac Disease Center, told Reuters.

2. Skipping gluten is not necessarily better for overall health. About 1 percent of the population has celiac disease, and those folks need to avoid gluten because it causes inflammation in the small intestines and may lead to other health issues. About 10 percent of the population qualifies as gluten sensitive. But for the rest of the population, eating a gluten-free diet does not necessarily lead to improved health.

While some people may equate gluten-free with low-carb or carb-free diets, many gluten-free products contain added sugar and fat that stands in for gluten. And gluten-free products often lack the iron and essential vitamins than regular bread products contain, according to the Gluten Intolerance Group.

3. Gluten-free diets may cause vitamin deficiencies. If you’re avoiding gluten, for whatever reason, you may be at risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to “both low intake and low absorption,” the Gluten Intolerance Group says. The group lists thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, iron, calcium and vitamin D as just a few of the nutrients for which you’ll need to find other sources, either as food or supplements.

Gluten-free brownie mix on a supermarket shelfThese gluten-free brownies, while delicious, would not be a better choice nutritionally than a piece of fresh fruit, which demonstrates why gluten-free food does not equal healthy food. (Photo: Michael Moloney/Shutterstock)

4. Dropping gluten does not necessarily equal losing weight. Lots of diets — Paleo, Atkins and South Beach, for example — encourage followers to go grain-free. So yes, if you cut out grains and carbs, you may lose weight. But there is no proof or guarantee that eating a gluten-free diet will help you shed unwanted pounds, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

“However, eating gluten-free often may cause you to eat more whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and lean meats. These diet changes are often healthier and lower in calories,” the Cleveland Clinic says. “People eating gluten-free also tend to make healthier food choices because they are more aware of the need to read food labels. Ditching the double cheeseburger and fries for a gluten-free meal of salad, chicken breast, and sweet potato is choosing a meal that is much lower in calories. That can mean weight loss over time.”

Plus, gluten-free food doesn’t necessarily mean healthy food. The Cleveland Clinic uses an apple and a gluten-free cookie as an example. You can eat the gluten-free cookie, but it isn’t a better nutritional choice than the apple.

5. Gluten isn’t just about carbs. If you think gluten is limited to bread and other flour products, think again. Soy sauce, beer, candy, bottled marinades, some types of play-dough and even lip gloss can contain gluten, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

I stopped drinking alcohol and I lost 15 pounds

tequila shots alcohol
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Over the last year, I’ve lost 15 pounds.
  • I started eating healthier and exercising more. I also stopped drinking alcohol.
  • I stopped drinking so I could keep up with a healthy diet while enjoying sweet treats in moderation instead.
  • Because alcohol can slow down fat burning, not drinking also helped me see results from working out.
  • Although I’ve become more comfortable with my body, I still watch my alcohol intake.

Like many people, I’ve tried various, often unsuccessful, ways to lose weight.

For a while, I stopped eating carbs, I signed up for supermodel bootcamp-style workouts, and even tried a highly restrictive diet that wouldn’t even let me eat fruit. But none of these options felt sustainable in the long-run, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend the last one.

Over the last year, I’ve lost 15 pounds by eating a balanced, healthy diet, and exercising regularly — and, for a few months, I stopped drinking alcohol.

It made a huge difference — not only to how I look but also how I feel.

I used to have a couple of glasses of red wine a few times a week, and on the weekends I would drink more when I went out. But when I read that many alcoholic drinks are full of sugar — and contain more calories than some treats— I was put off drinking.

While my weight loss could also be due to other lifestyle changes I made — eating either low-carb or no-carb dinners, choosing healthy fats over unhealthy ones, and exercising at least twice a week — giving up alcohol felt like less of a challenge.

Given the choice between a chocolate bar and a glass of wine, I will always pick chocolate. I reasoned that I could continue to enjoy the occasional Reese’s peanut butter cup if I stopped drinking.

red wine
I used to have a couple of glasses of red wine a few times a week.

Giving up alcohol helped me see more of a result from working out, too. I’ve noticed a difference in how my body looks from doing regular exercise. Even if I stay the same weight or put on a couple of pounds one month, I’m more toned and I’m convinced watching my alcohol intake has helped.

Fitness coach Joe Wicks believes alcohol is the one thing you should cut out of your diet if you’re trying to lose weight.

“All alcohol can’t be stored in the body, so really, it puts the breaks on fat burning,” he said in a Business Insider video. “If you are serious about getting lean … alcohol would be the one thing you gotta knock on the head for a little while. But everything in moderation.”

Now I feel more comfortable with my body, I don’t restrict myself from drinking altogether. I’ll have a drink every now and then, but I try to stay away from cocktails with a ton of ingredients (since they’re usually high in calories and sugar) and instead order a light beer, which has fewer calories.

Still, I find that when I don’t drink I don’t feel as bloated and have much more energy the next day, especially if I’m working out. Along with exercising more, cutting down on my alcohol intake is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health in the long-term.

Being strict with myself about alcohol for a few months has made me think twice before I pour another glass of wine — I ask myself, “Do I really want this drink?” — and made me more conscious of how much I’m consuming. And if I know I want to order dessert (this is usually the case), I might refrain from having a drink with dinner.

Of course, if I really want a cocktail I won’t not have one. It sounds cliché, but I’ve learned that moderation truly is key.


A low-carb love story

New eastside restaurant offers low-carb food

By   Lauren Rudersdorf

Image result for A low-carb love story

“I wanted the breeze in my hair through the screen door of a food cart I owned and operated all by myself,” she tells me from the bustling office of her newest venture: The Good Food Low-Carb Café located at 4674 Cottage Grove Road.

“I just wanted to sell healthy food.”

Over the past seven years, Seder has served delicious healthy meals to Madison out of two busy food carts—one on Capitol Square and another on Library Mall—and through a non-stop catering business. But a lot has changed since her initial vision for this venture. A simple dream of manning one cart by herself has given way to the hiring of a chef, a team of 18 employees and someone to co-own the operation.

The size of her business isn’t the only unexpected change for Seder. Something else changed in a big way: Her vision for what healthy food looks like.

Enter Kory Seder, a 6-foot-5-inch former nutrition counselor and Melanie’s husband as of May 6.

The couple met in the winter of 2015. Their first date was a dinner he cooked for her at his home—a delicious low-carb feast of scallops and mushrooms, peppers stuffed with sausage and double chocolate cupcakes (which were sugar-free, grain-free and made in a blender). The meal was rich and fatty in the most satisfying way.

With each bite of this low-carb meal, she grew curious about the handsome athletic man eagerly serving her foods counter-intuitive to what she had defined nutritious. In the decades Melanie had been focused on eating healthy, she always thought healthy meant low fat and low calorie.

On this first date, which lasted several hours, the couple talked endlessly about good food and the ways their life surrounded it. She told him about her food carts and her passion for bringing healthy, affordable and fresh food to Madison. He told her about his Type I diabetes diagnosis in 2012 and how this diagnosis had inspired an education in nutrition, ultimately leading him to adopt a low-carb lifestyle and become a nutrition counselor for a private M.D. near the Wisconsin Dells.

For many months, their relationship continued to grow in the kitchen. After 10-hour days at the Good Food carts, Melanie would return home to spend her evenings cooking dinner with the new man in her life.
“It was meat and vegetables all the time. Salads with a protein or veggies with a protein. A lot of fat. Veggies were not eaten for their own sake anymore. They were a vehicle to eat fat,” she says. “[We didn’t] just eat broccoli. [We] ate broccoli drenched in garlic butter,” And it was delicious and nourishing, she says.

Melanie dove into educating herself on the health benefits of eating limited amounts of carbohydrates and sugars. The couple read books together including “Wheat Belly” by William Davis and “The Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz. They watched lectures and listened to audiobooks. Melanie was falling in love not just with Kory, but also with the low-carb lifestyle. Without effort she lost the 10 pounds she’d wanted to lose her whole life, she says, and then she lost another 10 pounds. She went from being pre-diabetic to having completely normal A1C levels (a measure of blood sugar). She had never felt healthier.

And yet, the wraps that had launched Melanie to success were still largely filled with carbs and added sugar. It nagged at her. She had started her business with the goal of serving healthy good food to the people of Madison and no longer felt like she was doing that.

On a flight home from Las Vegas to visit family for Thanksgiving, Melanie told her (then) fiancé that she was ready to change the menu at her carts to something lower in carbohydrates and added sugars.

“I was like, ‘Why are my food carts selling Sweet Thai Chili [wraps]?’ It’s a sugar bomb. It’s got the word sweet in the title. Sweet Potato Pleasure, the same deal. There’s honey in the balsamic, sweetened dried cranberries, [and] candied walnuts. There’s sugar on the sweet potatoes. I’m not happy about any of that. I’m not happy ordering sugar by the 25-pound bag,” she says.

The Good Food kitchens were set to move across the city to a space on Cottage Grove Road in February. Melanie decided this was her opportunity to create a low-carb concept at a small restaurant space and mimic the new menu in her carts.

Some people would think a move across the city and the opening of her first brick-and-mortar establishment (that still needed to be renovated) alongside a May wedding would be enough to fill a spring schedule, but bold has always been Melanie’s style. She took to rethinking the menu while searching for her wedding dress.

And this time she had someone alongside her. Her soon-to-be husband quit his nutrition counselor job and joined the business. While she worked on getting the new kitchen up and running alongside a myriad of other things required for opening a restaurant, her fiancé was building the space.

Kory redid the bathrooms, built beautiful wood counters, painted everything and created front of house operating procedures. He hired and trained the front of house staff. He built out the office Melanie and I sat in recently to talk.

The couple jointly opened the Good Food Low-Carb Café on April 3, greeted with a line out the door. The menu, elegantly written on huge menu boards along the wall when you walk in, is not about feeling guilty or trying hard to eat healthy. Salads, wraps and Zoodle (zucchini noodle) bowls join chicken wings, flatbreads and spinach artichoke dip. You wouldn’t even realize you were eating low-carb if they hadn’t told you. It’s just good food.


By kim

The Fathead pizza crust makes this low carb pepperoni pizza taste just like the real thing. This easy mozzarella dough takes minutes to make and bake!

Sliced fathead pizza with pepperoni and cheese on parchment with cheese, tomatoes and jarred sauce in the background.

ne food I regularly miss on my low carb keto diet is pizza. But thanks to recent innovations in low carb pizza crusts, pizza is now an option. Low carb pepperoni pizza is my current favorite, but I am one who likes lots of gourmet flavors on my pizza so a nice Low Carb Sausage Kale Ricotta Pizza makes me equally as happy.

I have enjoyed using this variation on the original Fathead Pizza dough. We’ve had low carb pizza almost every week for Friday pizza night/ movie night with the kids. The most popular low carb pizza I’ve made by far is this all-American-classic, low carb pepperoni pizza. My family loves it.

This low carb pepperoni pizza tastes so much like the real deal that it will take care of all of those pesky pizza cravings. Of course it’s not going to have the exact texture as a real pizza, but it comes as close to the real thing as we low carbers have at the moment. It’s thin and crisp and holds up well to toppings – thanks to the fathead pizza crust.

Sliced Low Carb fathead pizza crust Pepperoni Pizza with a hand held slice and tomatoes in the background.Save

If you haven’t tried this recipe for low carb pizza crust, let me warn you. This is for serious cheese lovers only. It’s made almost entirely of cheese. It should be called cheese-head pizza. So, I would make it as a once-a-week-stuff-your-face low carb pizza fix.

This low carb pizza crust recipe has a fair amount of sodium as well, for those concerned about sodium intake. But if you don’t eat the whole pizza by yourself, you should be okay. Serve this great low carb Pepperoni Pizza with a nice big salad and you will be happy-happy!


*I use store bought marinara sauce for my pizza, but I have also used drained crushed tomatoes. Tomato sauce is pretty carby so look for one that is less in carbs like Rao’s brand.

*This recipe makes one large thin sheet pizza, two 10 inch extra thin round pizzas or one 12-13 inch thin round pizza (shown).



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Fathead Pizza Crust Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza
Fathead Pizza Crust Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza
Prep Time
7 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
27 mins

The Fathead pizza crust makes this low carb pepperoni pizza taste just like the real thing. This easy mozzarella dough takes minutes to make and bake! 5 net carbs per 1/6 of the recipe.

Servings: 6
Calories: 321 kcal
Pizza Dough
  • cups mozzarella cheese (5 oz/150 g)
  • 1/4 package full fat cream cheese (2 oz/57 g)
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1 cup almond flour (3 oz/85 g)
  • 2 tablespoons unflavored whey protein powder or oat fiber 500
  • 1 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese (5 oz /150 g)
  • 1/2 cup store bought marinara sauce (I like Rao’s) (4 oz/113 g)
  • 20 slices pepperoni slices (or as much as you’d like) (1.5 oz/43 g)
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees and position one rack to the bottom position and the other to the upper third.
  2. Low Carb Pizza Crust: Place the 5 ounces of grated mozzarella cheese into a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl. Cut the cream cheese into about 6-8 pieces and place in the bowl with the mozzarella. Microwave the cheeses for 1½ -2 minutes depending on the strength of your microwave. Stir the cheeses together. Add the egg to the cheese and stir with a fork until combined. It will take a minute to coax the two to blend. Add the almond flour and protein powder and blend completely. Sometimes I use my hand at the end and knead the dough until it is more elastic than sticky.
  3. Method: Hands – Place a piece of parchment paper on a sheet pan and with water moistened or oiled hands, pat the dough evenly into place. I prefer to oil my hands. the dough will cover most of the sheet pan. Dock (poke holes all over) with a fork.
  4. Rolling Pin: Alternately, roll the dough out between two sheets of parchment paper. This is my preferred way. Remove the top piece of parchment and transfer the dough and parchment to the baking sheet. Dock (poke holes all over) with a fork.
  5. Bake: Bake on the bottom rack for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and rub the crust with a piece of garlic. Spread the tomato sauce onto the pizza and top evenly with cheese. Add the pepperoni. Bake on the upper rack until the cheese has melted.
  6. Cut into 6 pieces and serve.
Recipe Notes

Makes 2 – thin 10 inch pizzas, 1 – thicker 12 inch pizza, or 1 thin sheet pan pizza (13 x 16 1/2).
*** Pictures is a 12 1/2 inch pizza.

Nutrition Facts
Fathead Pizza Crust Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza
Amount Per Serving
Calories 321Calories from Fat 234
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 26g40%
Total Carbohydrates 6g2%
Dietary Fiber 1g4%
Protein 17g34%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Low-carb diets may help correct habitual eating behaviours, new study finds


Low-carb diets may help correct habitual eating behaviours, new study finds

Low-carb diets may help correct habitual eating behaviours, new study finds

A new study, published in the FASEB Journal, suggests that a low-carb diet may help reduce hunger and food cravings, which would explain the sustained increase in adherence and reduced energy intake often seen with this way of eating.

The findings are in line with the reports of many people with type 2 diabetes, formerly obese low-carb dieters as well as the results of studies comparing low and high-carb diets head to head suggesting low-carb diets proves effective for weight loss because of their satiating effect.

As the authors explain, “many individuals entering weight loss programs may believe that restriction of a certain type of food (e.g. carbohydrate) may increase their cravings for that food.” The study showed that the reverse is true.

Over the course of a four-week intervention involving 20 obese men and women, the participants lost a highly significant amount of body weight (5.7 kg) and, more importantly, were able to reduce their waist circumference by 5.6 cm.

The results of the survey handed to participants after the four-week period revealed that 95 per cent reported being somewhat satisfied to very satisfied with the meals, 60 per cent felt less hunger after meals, and 75 per cent reported reduced ‘eating when bored’.

With regard to the underlying research question, the authors observed a high baseline craving for sweet foods (45 per cent of subjects reported frequent cravings for sweets) that did not increase with low-carb dieting.

In fact, after weight loss, cravings for sweets and starchy foods were reduced by significant 10 per cent and six per cent, respectively. The participants were also less susceptible to fall victim to their (now reduced) cravings.

This new paper is, however, based on a study that was sponsored by Atkins Nutritionals, which can raise questions about possible vested interests or biases. The intervention was also non-controlled, which significantly reduces its meaningfulness.

Overall, the study provides evidence for the commonly heard claim that low-carbing would reduce food cravings. It does not, however, prove that a similar effect wouldn’t have been observed simply due to weight loss with other diets.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that metabolic, genetic and/or lifestyle differences may also, in part, determine whether a low-carb diet will curb appetite and decrease sweet and starch cravings in a given individual.


Low-Carb Nuts – the Best and the Worst

What are the best and the worst nuts to eat on a low-carb diet? Check out this guide, the lower-carb options are to the left.Low-Carb Nuts

The numbers are the percent of digestible carbohydrates, i.e net carbs (fiber is not counted).This means that a hundred grams of nuts (3½ ounces or about three handfuls) – will contain this number of grams of carbs.

The best and the worst

The three best options are to the left – Brazil, macadamia and pecan nuts – and can be eaten freely even on a strict low-carb diet. This is because they are so full of healthy fats and so satisfying that it’s pretty much impossible to eat too many carbs this way.

The group in the middle can be enjoyed in moderation by most people on low carb.

The worst options are to the right, pistachio and (especially) cashew nuts. Be very careful with these nuts if you’re trying to lose weight or reverse your diabetes, as the carb grams will quickly add up. Just two handfuls of cashews contain 20 grams, the daily allowance on a strict low-carb diet.

Salt and reward

Most people find that nuts taste better and get more rewarding when they are salted. Be aware that this can often result in eating far more nuts than you need to stop your hunger, something that can slow down weight loss. A good option is to just bring out a small bowl of nuts, not the entire bag.


Here are our most popular low-carb recipes featuring nuts.

Salty Chocolate Treat
Salty Chocolate Treat1455 Liberal low carb Easy 10 m + 1 h 10 m
Oven-Baked Brie Cheese
Oven-Baked Brie Cheese2849 Ketogenic low carb Easy 5 + 10 m
Zucchini and Walnut Salad
Zucchini and Walnut Salad3366 Moderate low carb Easy 10 + 5 m

Worse choices


Of course all nuts are still better than most other snack options – like potato chips or candy. All nuts (even cashews) are much lower in carbs than these.


Top 7 Low-Carb Nuts

Top 7 low-carb nuts

Here’s our list of the top 7 low-carb nuts, ranked by the amount of carbs.

  1. Pecan nuts – 100 g (3½ ounces or about three handfuls) contains 4 grams of net carbs.
  2. Brazil nuts – 100 g contains 4 grams of net carbs.
  3. Macadamia – 100 g contains 5 grams of net carbs.
  4. Peanuts – 100 g contains 7 grams of net carbs.
  5. Hazel nuts – 100 g contains 7 grams of net carbs.
  6. Walnuts – 100 g contains 7 grams of net carbs.
  7. Almonds – 100 g contains 10 grams of net carbs. Almonds can also be ground into almond flour. Its neutral flavor makes it a good substitute for high-carb flours, and it’s used in many low-carb recipes for bread or even pizza.

7-Day Low Carb Menu Plan

7-Day Low Carb Menu Plan

Whether you’re looking to shrink your waistline, or simply to improve your overall health, opting for a menu plan with lower carbs can be beneficial. Cutting excess carbohydrates is as easy as cooking low carb recipes and choosing fresh, natural foods. To help you on your way to achieving your health goals, we’ve provided a 7-day low carb menu plan to follow.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage RollsSunday
Breakfast: Superfoods Smoothie
Lunch: Paleo Friendly Meaty Veggie Roll-ups
Dinner: Slow Cooke Lower Carb Cabbage Roll Stew (Be sure to save enough for tomorrow’s lunch!)
Snack/Dessert: Zucchini Hummus with fresh veggies

Breakfast: Yogurt and fresh fruit
Lunch: Slow Cooke Lower Carb Cabbage Roll Stew (Left over from last night’s dinner)
Dinner: Veggie Shepherd’s Pie cooked with creamy mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes (Be sure to save enough for tomorrow’s lunch!)
Snack/Dessert: Half cup mixed nuts

Slow Cooker Zucchini Ziti

Breakfast: Candied Maple Sweet Potatoes
Lunch: Veggie Shepherd’s Pie cooked with creamy mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes (Left over from last night’s dinner)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Zucchini Ziti
Snack/Dessert: Left over Zucchini Hummus with fresh veggies

Chicken-noodle-soup (1)Wednesday
Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Lunch: Herby, Juicy Watermelon, Tomato and Feta Salad
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup cooked without noodles (Be sure to save enough for tomorrow’s lunch!)
Snack/Dessert: 2-3 Cups air-popped organic popcorn

Breakfast Yogurt Parfait To Go

Breakfast: Breakfast Yogurt Parfait To Go
Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup cooked without noodles (Left over from last night’s dinner)
Dinner: Pork Tenderloin with Peach Salsa and Peppery Slaw
Snack/Dessert: Clean-Eating Caramel Apples

Individual Egg and Spinach BowlFriday
Breakfast: Individual Egg & Spinach Bowls
Lunch: Citrus and Spinach Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing
Dinner: Slow Cooker Black Bean and Chicken served in a low-carb tortilla (Be sure to save enough for tomorrow’s lunch!)
Snack/Dessert: A handful of frozen grapes

Avocado Breakfast PizzasSaturday
Breakfast: Avocado Breakfast Pizzas served on low calorie tortilla
Lunch: Slow Cooker Black Bean and Chicken served in a low-carb tortilla (Left over from last night’s dinner)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Soup
Snack/Dessert: Slow Cooker Beets with Creamy Goat Cheese Sauce